why balance is good

How can a balanced approach to design help your bottom line? By combining technical wizardry with creative brilliance in one package you can be assured that all avenues have been addressed, that the creative will be considered from a technical standpoint and vice-versa.

With a balanced range of services from web to print to photography and a thorough process, mid-brain can move your visual and functional brand to a higher level. mid-brain delivers cohesive, cost-effective design solutions.

mid-brain design logo

who we are

mid-brain is a brave endeavor into the long history of Vermont entrepreneurial spirit—the brainchild of Nathan Dana.

With years of web and print design experience, I think vertically and horizontally, logically and creatively.

The quick resumé:

I am passionate about design that serves up form with function, design that serves purpose for my clients.

Nathan Dana - photo by Bonnie Schaeffer